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SA Real Racing – Forum Rules

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    Use common sense and think about what you post.

    Language and Trolling

    Please keep your language at an appropriate level. Any kind of offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate material is not permitted. Inappropriate language may be removed at the discretion of the admins/moderatiors, in which case the offending user will be warned.

    Do not post provocative, offensive or pointless comments only to get a response from others (also known as trolling). Users who make posts solely to wind up others and cause a negative atmosphere will be banned.

    Personal Attacks and Arguing

    The SA Real Racing forum is not a place to argue. While discussions may get heated and passionate at times, we expect that you keep your head calm and treat other members with respect. No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. If you cross that line, the discussion may be closed and you may be warned or banned depending on the severity of the offence.

    If you have a problem with another member, take it up with the mods/admins directly – or take it up privately with the member in question – rather than causing a bad atmosphere on the forums.


    Using this site to advertise non-SA Real Racing leagues will not be tolerated. Any links to other league websites – or other websites that serves the poster’s self-interest – will be removed. Users who persistently attempt to do this may be banned.

    It’s fine to promote a personal website in your signature, but don’t spam it in posts on the forum. Advertising your own Youtube channel or social media accounts is fine – as long as it’s not done excessively.

    Posting links to affiliate programs with referrer IDs or any other links that solely promotes your own self-interests may be removed.


    If you are unsure of where to post a new topic, please do not post it in more than one location. If the admins/mods feel like it is better suited in another area of the forum, it will be moved there. Duplicate threads will only cause confusion.

    Double Posting

    Please try to avoid posting more than one post in a row within a topic. You are able to edit your own posts, so please use that to avoid spam, unless absolutely necessary.

    Signature Rules

    A forum signature generally includes a user’s name, gamertag, social media links and other relevant info. You are free to include an image in your signature of up to 500x125px. GIFs are not allowed.

    Inappropriate language or images in your signature is obviously not allowed.

    Multiple Accounts

    You are not permitted to have more than one user account on the forum. If you have lost your password, please use the password recovery tool (given that you have access to the email used to sign up). If you are still unable to sign in, please contact an administrator to help you out.

    Anyone found to be using multiple accounts may be warned or banned.

    We ask you to please follow all of the above guidelines when using the forums. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    We hope you enjoy your stay, and have fun!

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