SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede)
UmlunguZA (Hennie Groenewald)
RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen)
HyPoXiA ZA (Simon Moss)
ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges)
RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan)
Reiku San (Johan Fourie)
R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen)

SARR presents the Sasol GTC Africa.

Welcome to Round One hosted by SARR via Forza Motorsport 6. We head to sunny Brands Hatch (Zwartkops). Two races are planned for the day as the cars leave the Pit Lane, following the Safety Car around on the warm up lap. The Safety Car ducks into the pit entrance as the cars, in grid order, carry on. The flag drops and Race Mode is enabled.

Here is a rundown on what took place on track for Round One.

Race 1 Qualifying
1st Place : RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen)
2nd Place : Reiku San (Johan Fourie)
3rd Place : ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges)

Round 1 – Race 1

Rolling start as the cars head to the line with RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen) leading the cars into the much anticipated Sasol GTC Round 1. RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen) clips the rumble, bouncing the car into a two-wheel drive, but with control bringing the Audi back down and only costing him pole position. SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) runs deep into turn 3 and with good exit speed takes the outside line around ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges). RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan) now has the inside line down the straight with SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) on his left, SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) brakes late and locks the corner down. R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen) closes the gap on the downhill and nudges at RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan)’s bumper. HyPoXiA ZA (Simon Moss) had the VW breathing up his bumper as ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges) was putting on the pressure. Reiku San (Johan Fourie) keeping a steady pace up front in the EPS BMW. SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) locks up and opens the corner for RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan). R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen) grabs at the opportunity and locks it in behind the Sasol BMW. UmlunguZA (Hennie Groenewald) edging away from ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges) as HyPoXiA ZA (Simon Moss) edges closer to the VW.

Race 1 Results
1st Place : Reiku San (Johan Fourie)
2nd Place : RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen)
3rd Place : RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan)

After a short breather in the pits, some fuel and new rubber, the cars were back on track for Race Two.

Race 2 Qualifying
1st Place : R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen)
2nd Place : ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges)
3rd Place : UmlunguZA (Hennie Groenewald)

Round 1 – Race 2

R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen) leads the way into Race 2 in the Rustenburg BMW with the VW of ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges) edging at the lead. UmlunguZA (Hennie Groenewald) dives in on the right and makes it stick as Reiku San (Johan Fourie) and RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan) fight through turn 2. Reiku San (Johan Fourie) and RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan) kick up the grass as they make their way onto track. SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) tucks the Sasol BMW in behind the VW of RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan), while the other Sasol BMW driven by UmlunguZA (Hennie Groenewald) was being attacked by the other VW of ZAR JerseyRules (Mathew Hodges). RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen) keeping a steady pace in the Audi. HyPoXiA ZA (Simon Moss) clips the rumble and throws him off course, but by controlling the car, gets back in on the action. A four car battle between the Sasol BMW of SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede), VW of RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan), Audi of RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen) and BMW of Reiku San (Johan Fourie) form as they head down towards turn 3. SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede) takes the advantage of the cars behind him battling it out. RiSSt11 (Michael Stephen) locks up and misses his corner, sliding him into the tyre wall.

Race 2 Results
1st Place : R0B ZOMB13 (Michael van Rooyen)
2nd Place : RickyBobby ZA (Graeme Nathan)
3rd Place : SLIDESCIENCE (Gennaro Bonafede)

The cars came into the pits and the celebrations begun. Champaign all round after an exciting Round One. Drivers and their cars now get a well-deserved rest ahead of Round Two.

Congratulations to all the Drivers whom reached the Podium.

“We are Racing”