Good Day Race Fans

SARR brings you the coverage of Round 3 of V8 Supercars hosted at HockenheimRing.

A full grid lined up eager to get racing. Partly cloudy skies, but the sun peaked through and track condition were perfect to set off. All eyes on the light, everyone awaiting the GO AHEAD signal.

Racing Heats

Random Order on grid as normal NoXiDeS360 on pole. Drivers set off full force, but B14ugzy with an amazing pull away take pole through turn one. Reiku San and WizardWoz88 are bumper-to-bumper as they go into race-mode. Griffin2210 and NoXiDeS360 are in a 2-way battle for 2nd place as the drivers head down Parabolika. JakesLieb locks up and loses 3 places, SLIDESCIENCE takes a risky outside overtaking line and the two collide, but with minor scratched its back on the power. The grid started to form smaller groups whom battled it out between them. Reiku San takes a risky late brake manoeuvre into turn two, manages to get past NoXiDeS360 and get on the attack on UmlunguZA. SLIDESCIENCE dives in on the right of L0NG JNR and makes is stick getting pass, L0NG JNR is on the power and nudges SLIDE’s bumper to let him know he is still in play. WizardWozz88 clips the rumble as he passes HyPoXiA ZA in Nordkurve. Celevra ZA and NoXiDeS360 were in a Cat & Mouse battle, following each other’s racing line as they were in sync.

WizardWoz88 had been giving it his all after his off track experience and had caught up to his team mate,NoXiDeS360. ZAR JerseyRules and Griffin2210 in a drag race down Parabolika, it will come down to the braking as to who goes ahead in the turn ZAR Jersey makes it trough. B14ugzy had been receiving pressure from ZAR Jersey whom has caught up to B14ugzy’s massive lead. B14ugzy locks up and ZAR Jersey takes the outside line going into Mobil1 Kurve. CU7K3YL0W gets airborne as he chases down WOES SA through the twist bits leading into Mobil1.

The Pit Stops started and this mixed up the pack again and the drivers were back on the attack to gain lost positions from pitting.

Racing action continued to the flag and we head to the podium for some champagne and the trophy holdings. Unfortunate for SLIDESCIENCE and L0NG JNR experiencing engine failures, didn’t complete the round.

Race Results Heat #1
#1 ZAR JerseyRues
#2 WizardWoz88
#3 Reiku San

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRues

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. Round 3 of V8 Supercars surely heated up as the laps progressed. Now we head off to LeMans for Round 4.

“We are Racing”