Good Day Race Fans

SARR brings you the coverage of Round 2 of V8 Supercars @ Daytona Short Circuit on Xbox One via Forza Motorsport 6.

Round 1 has a massive grid and intense racing, this could only mean that Round 2 would turn out even bigger and more interesting. The start would be very tricky as the incline start would swing out the rear ends of the V8’s.

Racing Heats

Race Grid was set to Random and the cars lined up at the line. The countdown to the start begins…and now the difficult decision is to be made, do you bog down on power and slowly accelerate keeping the car straight or do you floor it and hope it sticks enough to save the car from spinning out off the line. WizardWoz88 leads the pack into turn one. Wizard choosing to bog off the line, keeping the car straight. ZAR JerseyRules choosing the option to floor it, leaving 2 thick lines on the Tar. SLIDESCIENCE short shifts into 2nd gear and gets the traction, getting him the pass on NoXiDeS360 into turn one. L0NG JNR unfortunately damaged the diff off the line, causing him to retire in turn one.

A four car battle formed with B14ugzy chasing down NoXiDeS360. B14ugzy taking the outside line, giving him the inside spot into the following corner and the overtake on NoXiDeS360, but NoXiDeS fights back and the two run side-by-side onto the back straight. StingingBurger locks up and heads right into the barriers, taking severe damage to his car. SLIDESCIENCE eased in on CU7K3YL0W, but the Ford has the run through the fast chicane, but SLIDESCIENCE out brakes CU7K3YL0W and takes the inside line, drifting it out the corner to take 4th. HyPoXiA ZA had WOES SA in his sights, but CelevraZA was putting pressure from behind whilst NoXiDeS360 leads the pack. With the race reaching its midway point, it was pit stop time, this mixed up the drivers a lot and new battles formed. ZAR JerseyRules made his way back to 1st Place and this is where he stuck with putting down the fastest lap of the day. Wedbowl4288 locks up and this puts him in the wall at high speed, ending his race. WizardWoz88 was hot on the heels of ZAR JerseyRules, but the race was drawing to a end and just not enough laps were left to close the gap.

Race Results Heat #1
#1 ZAR JerseyRues
#2 WizardWoz88

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRues

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. Round 2 of V8 Supercars surely heated up as the laps progressed. Pints on the board and now we head off to Hockenheim for Round 3.

“We are Racing”