Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to the Final recap of the V8 Supercar Championship 2016 hosted at Watkins Glen.

Racing Heats

We had reached the Final round with perfect weather. Cars lined the grid for the final race of 2016. R1SSt11 took pole and lead the cars through turn one. The battle for positon started right out the start as ZAR JerseyRules looked for a gap to get passed Griffin 2210. Reiku San and HyPoXiA ZA were bumper drafting to get the edge over the driver in front to make a pass into the chicane. NoXiDeS360 had ZAR JerseyRules all over him, putting the pressure down.

Racing continued with minor incidents here and there as drivers were giving it their all in the final race of the 2016 Championship.

Race Results
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#2 HyPoXiA ZA
#3 RiSSt11

Race DNF’s were NoXiDeS360 and Celevra ZA due to mechanical failure. The battle for position was intense, making racing extremely competitive.

Now we head over to the Podium once again to hand over the V8 Supercar Championship Trophy for Drivers and Teams. With the worst round points removed as only 9 / 10 rounds points contributed to the Championship, we now crown our 2016 Champ

Championship Podium

#1 HyPoXiA ZA
#2 Griffin 2210
#3 B14ugzy

#1 Team Hi Octane | Griffin 2210 / Celevra ZA
#2 Team Tripple M | NoXiDeS360 / WizardWoz88
#3 Team Elite | L0NG JNR / Reiku San

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all for the entire 2016 V8 Supercar Championship.

“We are Racing”