Good Day Race Fans

Driver were ready for the Final round of the 2016 Indy Car Cup. Daytona had perfect weather for the final, clear skies all day.

Full Grid at Daytona. Very close racing for the drivers, as those final crucial points could change the podium finishes. It has been a tough season with drivers having issues with their cars, but each race they were out on track.

Race Results
#2 B14ugzy
#3 HyPoXiA ZA

Fastest Lap

With the final points on the board, the 2016 Indy Car Cup Champion was announced.

Congratulations to ZAR JerseyRules for making a comeback after missing round 1.

Championship Podium
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#2 Reiku San
#3 B14ugzy

Congratulations to all the drivers that competed this season.

“We are Racing”