Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the Touring Car Championship hosted at Watkins Glen.

Racing Heats
AMEERLESCH91 took pole and had the pack chasing him down as he lead the way through turn one. Reiku San nearly stalled on the line, but clutch kicked it off the line having him “drag race” to turn one with CylieBoy. R0B ZOMB13 tucked in behind CylieBoy to slipstream. B14ugzy following closely waiting to strike in the Volvo. WOES SA clipping cones as DaviK979 chases him down. R1SSt11 was giving the Honda all it has to get passed ZAR JerseyRules whom was clinging to 2nd place.

SLIDESCIENCE taking a perfect line in the last corner, had a great run down the pit wall up on B14ugzy, waiting to make his move. L0NG JNR in his Chev was following B14ugzy and SLIDE, inching closer every lap as Team Mate Reiku San was battling it out for 3rd Place with RiSSt11. AMEERLESCH91 kept a good lead, but loses control as ZAR JerseyRules puts on the heat.

Racing continued with minor incidents as drivers were scraping past each other to get ahead.

Race Results Heat #1
#2 ZAR JerseyRules
#3 B14ugzy

Fastest Lap

Race Results Heat #2
#3 ZAR JerseyRules

Fastest Lap

Heat 2 DNF’s were Reiku San. The battle for position was intense, making racing extremely competitive.

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. We now head off to France to race on the world renowned Le Mans for the final round of the 2016 Touring Car Challenge.

“We are Racing”