Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the Touring Car Championship hosted at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

What a beautiful track. The skies are dark here as this round is set at night, luckily Yas Marina has perfect lighting all around the track.

Racing Heats

The cars left the pits and took their warmup lap. They lined the grid with WOES SA on Pole Position and ZAR JerseyRules on his side. The lights go out and the drivers drop those clutches. WOES SA misses his gear change and ZAR JerseyRules takes pole position off his hands. Reiku San stalls of the line, making him open to pass. Rookie driver, R0B ZOMB13, had the Volvo of B14ugzy putting pressure on him in his first race. RickyBobby ZA runs wide and SLIDESCIENCE grasps the opportunity and make his move. With a battle for position, SLIDE and Ricky exchange paint causing a spin in the Toyota of RickyBobby ZA. DriestJewel8 coming past the start-finish tries to avoid the out of control Toyota, but collides with it, lifting RickyBobby ZA’s Toyota into the air. ZAR JerseyRules had quite a commanding lead going.

AMEERLESH91 had everyone chasing him down looking for that 2nd place that he has been holding onto. RiSSt11 on the bumper of rookie driver R0B ZOMB13, looking for that overtake. B14ugzy took the opening as RiSSt11 and R0B ZOMB13 battle it out. RiSSt11 misjudges the apex and clips the wall. B14ugzy take an inside move on AMEERLESH91 and the two collide with the Volvo spinning out.

The race neared its end, but the drivers gave it their all until the end. Heat two was even harder and fiercer racing from the drivers.

Race Results Heat #1
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#2 UmlunguZA
#3 B14ugzy

Fastest Lap

Heat 1 DNF’s were Reiku San, RiSSt11 and RickyBobby ZA. The track took its toll on their cars.

Race Results Heat #2
#2 B14ugzy
#3 RiSSt11

Fastest Lap

Heat 2 DNF’s were CylieBoy, RickyBobby ZA, DriestJewel8, UmlunguZA, ZAR JerseyRules and R0B ZOMB13. The battle for position saw for some intense racing and this took its toll on the cars and drivers.

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. We now head off to “The Big Apple” to race on the legendary Watkins Glen for Round 9.

“We are Racing”