Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the Touring Car Championship hosted at sunny Road Atlanta.

Sunny weather and clear skies as the cars make their way to the track.

Racing Heats

DaviK979 on pole in the Audi had a big field of cars behind him waiting to get off the line and into “Race Mode”. SLIDESCIENCE on the back bumper of the Audi through turn four as L0NG JNR in the newly sponsored Chevrolet car followed them through. Rookie, AMEERLESCH91, in the Civic had B14ugzy in his insane Volvo chasing him down. RiSSt11 had WOES SA breathing on his neck. RiSSt11 misses his apex and lands himself in the kitty litter, nearly hitting the tyre wall. L0NG JNR putting pressure on SLIDESCIENCE up the hill and down Suzuki Bridge. DaviK979 ran wide on the uphill, taking out some cones in the process. R1SST1 had a lot of ground to make up and was pushing the Civic to the max.

Track Marshals saw the action up close and personal as DaviK and B14ugzy scrape the pit wall coming down the hill onto the main straight. L0NG and SLIDE pulled away from the rest of the pack into their own lil race up front. Chev vs Civic, but a mistake from SLIDE lets L0NG slip past. Tyres wearing of gave the drivers less grip as the push on to the end. WOES SA slides out after the Esses and with the scramble onto track, AMEERLESH91 collides with the side of the spun out Merc. R1SSt11 slips between the Merc and Civic to gain two positions. DaviK and B14ugzy goes off on the first corner as the battle continues between these two drivers.

The race neared its end, but the drivers gave it their all until the end. Heat two was even harder racing from the drivers.

Race Results Heat #1
#3 RiSSt11

Fastest Lap

Race Results Heat #2
#3 Reiku San

Fastest Lap

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. We now head off to Abu Dhabi to race on the world renowned Yas Marina Circuit for Round 8, this round with a twist as we will be racing at night.

“We are Racing”