Hello race fans and welcome to the recap of round 4 of the SARR Touring Car Championship of 2016, held at Lime Rock Park Racetrack, Connecticut, United States.

Lime Rock Park, one of the oldest racetracks of it’s kind in the States, once featuring Paul Newman and his Newman-Haas racing team, provided for a very exciting race between the drivers, with a few surprises as well as disappointments, as can be expected.

There were no qualifying rounds held, except quite a few practices and drivers competing among themselves for the best lap times, and the event consisted of 2 heats.

Heat 1

With not a cloud in the skies, the tarmac scorching hot, and the drivers eager to push their machines to the limit, the lights went out, and we were off.

TheSaint742757 from A3C3 were off to a great start, going through the first few laps like he was meant to win this race. With him, ZAR JerseyRules and L0NG JNR in the lead most of the 1st heat, these 3 powerhouses sure looked like the favourites for the podium. The unthinkable happened when TheSaint742757 lost control of his camouflage liveried Toyota Avensis around Uphill Station 5, and bumped his side into the barrier. This caused ZAR JerseyRules, who was glued to his backside, to have too little space to brake or swerve out, and bumped into the Toyota. Both cars regained control quickly and got back on track, but the damage was already done, as L0NG JNR slipped through right between the two of them during the commotion, and gained a much sought after lead, after spending much of the race staring at the boots of Saint’s Avensis and Jersey’s Audi.

L0NG JNR in his #3 Honda Civic, having the best break anyone could ask for near the end of Heat 1, started at 6th place, and first had a great battle with CU7K3YL0W and RiSSt11 early on before catching up to first place.

After the first few laps, things started to quiet down for most, with CU7K3YL0W, Hypoxia and JakesLieb going pretty much solo for most of Heat 1. JakesLieb and HyPoXiA, who started at opposite ends of the grid, had a gritty battle between them in the first few laps, with Jakes having a great time with his new Honda Civic after joining Team Apex Eaters in the eleventh hour before race day, and HyPoXiA having difficulties with his Mercedes-Benz after a mixup in the workshop. But alas, after a few laps, things took a different turn, with JakesLieb struggling to keep his car on the track and refusing to go into the pits for repairs, and HyPoXiA managing to adapt to his machine and finish the heat, but not before a judgment error sent him flying off the track at Turn 7, giving him a 7th place.

Davik969 also had a rather quiet race after starting on the back of the grid, overtaking an ever struggling JakesLieb and then HyPoXiA, during the unfortunate Turn 7 event mentioned earlier.

Heat 2

Heat 2 started really well for Team Lucky Strike’s ZAR JerseyRules, starting this time in 1st place because of the random grid, and he was not looking to give up his place any time soon.

TheSaint742757 from A3C3 Gaming’s Team Legend Hunters and CU7K3YL0W had a brutal battle in the first half of Heat 2 with TheSaint winning before moving on to his next victim, Davik979.

L0NG JNR, newcomer RiSSt11, and B14ugzy had themselves a nice little game of cat-and-mouse in the last few rounds, where after L0NG and RiSSt11 gave each other a “high five” just before going past the checkered flag.

Race Results Heat #1

#1 L0NG JNR              11:18:261
#2 TheSaint742757     11:31:986
#3 RiSSt11                   11:33:683

Fastest Lap
L0NG JNR                   00:55:619

Race Results Heat #2

#1 ZAR JerseyRules    18:25:953
#2 L0NG JNR              18:56:764
#3 RiSSt11                   18:56:819

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRules         00:54:706

Well done to all the racers for a day of exciting and clean racing. With everyone finishing the race without serious incident, every racer can feel like a winner.

A special shootout to AC3C Gaming’s TheSaint742757 for joining us, and we hope to have him back real soon.

Join us next time for round 5 of the SARR Touring Car Championship, on the 2nd of June 2016 where our drivers will be facing off at the beautiful Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, United States.

“We Are Racing”