Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the Touring Car Championship hosted at Circuit of the America’s.

Brilliant weather for the day. Teams were setup and ready to go. The final “Free” practice of the day and the drivers were taking full advantage of it. The cars entered the pits for the final “Resting Period” before its back to track for some punishment.

Racing Heats

A full grid lined at the start. CU7K3YL0W had Pole and the BMW had great pull off the line with Reiku San following closely. SLIDESCIENCE and L0NG JNR had a scraping battle through turn 1. TheSaint742757 in the Toyota Avensis had to avoid the likes of L0NG and CU7K3YL0W as a 3-way battle formed mid-track. The back we had 3 Merc’s battling it out driven by WOES SA, DriestJewel8 and WedBbowl14288. TheSaint was sandwiched in-between the Civic of Team Apex Eaters, SLIDE and UmlunguZA. B14ugzy in the Volvo S60 were giving the drivers in the FWD cars a hard time as the Volvo had the legs down the straight. Team mates L0NG and Reiku now were 1 and 2 and leading comfortably. TheSaint locked up and the Civic’s of Team Apex both got passed. DriestJewel and WedBowl were in a Kat & Mouse battle with both drivers clawing at each other. WOES SA pushing hard kept a consistent pace. L0NG JNR took the lead from team mate Reiku and now Reiku had the Volvo chasing him down.

Drivers were now catching the back makers and this was cause for some intense manoeuvring. SLIDE out brakes Reiku into the final corner, taking the run past the grand stand. CU7K3YL0W’s tyres were wearing as the RWD BMW shredded the tyres in the corners. L0NG pulled away from the rest of the grid. SLIDE and B14ugzy battled it out to the end with the Volvo just not being passed.

The race drew to a close with the crowds at their feet as the drivers gross the line. Unfortunately COTA had one victim, JakesLieb whom suffered engine failure.

Race Results Heat #1

#2 B14ugzy

Fastest Lap

Race Results Heat #2

#1 Reiku San

Fastest Lap
Reiku San

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. COTA will never be the same after the drivers and their cars left their mark on it. Now it’s back to the drawing board for Round 3 and the famous Circuit de Spa.

“We are Racing”