Good Day Race Fans SARR is proud to announce the Start of the Touring Car Challenge on Xbox One via Forza Motorsport 6. A new Season of action packed racing is ahead of us in 2016. The Drivers were all out on track, fully set up and ready to race in their newly kitted out Touring Spec cars. Teams of two and Privateers entering the season, we are going to be looking at a full grid of exciting racing. Drivers had the Team Mechanics out tuning their cars to the best of their abilities.

One twist came into play as the weather changed completely over the weekend testing. Sun shine turned into showers. A very wet track with puddles of destruction would make for some interesting racing. The cars were setup for a wet race and ready to go. Racing Heats Race Grid was set to Random and the cars lined up at the line. All eyes on the light. The tension could be cut with a knife. The lights go out and a roaring pack of 4 Cylinder beasts race towards Turn one.

A clean start from all the drivers off the line as Reiku San leads the way. SLIDESCIENCE takes a wide line past JakesLieb, but locks up the cold brakes on the Civic and it sends him farming whilst ZAR JerseyRules taking evasive action to avoid. The other part of TEAM APEX EATERS, UmlunguZA, was having a brilliant race, but the newly prepped Civic didn’t make it to Heat 2 due to mechanical issues. E30BooStFoRLiFe and CU7K3YL0W in the BMW’s both retired from Heat 1 due to an electronic fault , but the crew managed to get CU7K3YL0W’s car ready and out on track for Heat 2. WedBowl4288 has a clean run through turn 3, slightly increasing the gap from CU7K3YL0W in the BMW. Our solo Audi on track, NeumaticBarley9, has a bumper car match with the Merc of JakesLieb, but losing out and hits the tyre wall. Reiku San had an open field ahead of him and making the most of it. WOES SA had himself in a battle for 5th with NeumaticBarley9, neither driver letting up. WedBowl4288 in his A-Class Merc pulled into the pits with unfortunate Engine Failure.

ZAR JerseyRules was pulling every little bit of power out the Honda Civic , closing the gap lap for lap to Reiku San , but Reiku San was not putting a foot out of line. CU7K3YL0W runs wide and dips the BMW into the kitty litter , letting WOES SA and NeumaticBarley9 , still in the their “Dog Fight” pass. SLIDESCIENCE up to 3rd place was pushing hard to catch the front runners. ZAR JerseyRules had now caught up to Reiku San closing the gap down to mere meters. Reiku San under pressure makes a slight mistake putting the Civic on the grass, opening the opportunity for ZAR JerseyRules to get the pass and the Checked Flag.

Race Results Heat #1 #1 ZAR JerseyRues #2 Reiku San #3 SLIDESCIENCE Fastest Lap ZAR JerseyRues Race Results Heat #2 #1 ZAR JerseyRues #2 Reiku San #3 SLIDESCIENCE Fastest Lap ZAR JerseyRues Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. What a start to the season. With the points on the board, the racing season has finally taken off. Now it’s off to Circuit of the America’s for Round 2. SARR “We are Racing”