Indy Round 3 Sonoma review

Welcome race fans to our coverage of the 3rd leg of SARR Indy championship. With cool and dry conditions greeting our drivers on race day, they would have to navigate this tricky circuit 24 times before cracking the champagne or trudging back to their motorhome in disappointment.

Race Heats

Drama at the start for E30boostforlife- stalling his car and falling to last. Several corners later Hypoxia locked a brake allowing ZARJerseyRules into 2nd position, with his teammate Davik979 in the lead, which he held for a further 3 corners before ZARJerseyRules steamrolled past.

Having started last, Reiku was on a charge to salvage some points. With Hypoxia running off track, several drivers were able to gain a free position. Reiku then pounced past UmlunguZA through the esses and then past Davik979 for 2nd. ZARJerseyRules and Reiku would then hold 1st and 2nd for the rest of the race. Behind the leaders, UmlunguZA and Hypoxia were having a tough battle for 4th, with contact into the chicane. A lap later Hypoxia was able to sneak past when UmlunguZA made a small mistake on a high speed corner and then set off for the final podium spot. Sadly E30boostforlife had to retire due to an engine gremlin. The fight for 3rd was still raging as Hypoxia closed up on Davik979 only to be speared off at the final corner by UmlunguZA. Hypoxia then spun off 2 corners later obviously with ruined tyres. Davik979 then completely missed the pit entry, losing an enormous amount of time and gifting 3rd to UmlunguZA.

A late charge by Reiku had him close up to ZARJerseyRules after the pit stop phase, but ultimately did not have the pace to challenge the leader further. Congratulations on a fine win ZARJerseyRules and we will see you all at the next race.

Race Results
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#2 Reiku San
#3 UmlunguZA

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRules

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. What a race. Teams, now it’s off to Watkins Glen for Round 4.

“We are Racing”