Good Day Race Fans

SARR is proud to announce the Start of the Indy Car Championship on Xbox One via Forza Motorsport 6.

A new Season of action packed racing is ahead of us in the 2016 Indy Car Series. The Drivers were all out on track, fully set up and ready to race. Teams of two or Privateers entering the season. These high downforce, high speed machines were on the tarmac ready to go.

Racing Heats

Race Grid was set to Random and the cars lined up at the line. Due to technical issues some drivers could get to the line, but this didn’t stop us from racing. JakiesLieb first off the line, but B14ugzy take him on the inside into turn one. Reiku San hold back through the S’s as the slight miscalculation in these cars can cost you a race. B14ugzy leading the pack as Reiku San puts pressure on JakesLieb, but Jakes making his Indy Car as wide as 18Wheeler.

Reiku manages to get passed as Jakes takes the Indy Car Off-Road and now the chase is on to catch B14ugzy. Jakes gets back on track and watches the battle ahead of him, keeping his distance, avoiding a pile up. It’s a Cat vs Mouse battle as neither driver is letting off, but also neither wants to end up spinning out or crashing.

Race Results
#1 Reiku San
#2 B14ugzy
#3 JakesLieb

Fastest Lap
Reiku San

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all. What a start to the season. With the points on the board, the racing season has finally taken off. Now it’s off to Sonoma GP for Round 2.

“We are Racing”