Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to the FINAL recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at Hockenheimring.

Clear and sunny skies for the final, meaning fast lap times and close racing.

Racing Heat

For the final time in the 2016 GT3 Cup Championship, the GT3 cars round the final corner onto the main straight in grid formation with B14ugzy and SLIDESCIENCE leading the pack on grid line one. SLIDE and B14ugzy sit side-by-side with a drag race to the second corner. RickyBobby ZA avoids the McLaren of RiSSt11 from bouncing of the rumble strip. StingingBurger and ZAR JerseyRules have them self a little “love tap”, this lets ZAR JerseyRules spin off track.

RiSSt11 dives in to keep his position over RickyBobby ZA, but clips the rumble and is thrown of line and goes “farming”. B14ugzy and team mate L0NG JNR side-by-side chase down the Porsche driven by SLIDESCIENCE. RickyBobby ZA moves up past B14ugzy and is now on the chase of on-track rival L0NG JNR. UmlunguZA moves past Reiku San and puts the Porsche’s rear mounted motors advantage in the corners and pulls a slight gap. SLIDESCIENCE had a good lead going when the worst luck hit him, the rumble strip on the outer rim of the first corner throws the Porsche right into the tyre wall. Reiku San taps UmlunguZA, causing a spin of both drivers.

Race Results
#1 RiSSt11
#2 RickyBobby ZA

Fastest Lap

Round 10 DNF’s were StingingBurger, ZAR JerseyRules and Reiku San due to mechanical failure. The battle for position was intense, making racing extremely competitive and taking its tollon the cars.

Now we head over to the Podium once again to hand over the Touring Car Championship Trophy for Drivers and Teams.

Championship Podium

#1 RiSSt11

#1 Team Apex Eaters | SLIDESCIENCE / UmlunguZA
#2 Team Bong | L0NG JNR / B14ugzy
#3 Team Redbull AMG | Reiku San / HyPoXiA ZA

Too all the Drivers, Well done, Great Driving from all for the entire 2016 GT3 Cup Championship.

“We are Racing”