Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at the famous Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit.

A very wet track awaited the drivers as the weather had turned from the previous days practice. All cars on wets and it is GO time as the cars round the final corner on their rolling start.

Racing Heat

SLIDESCIENCE behind the wheel of the Porsche took pole with Reiku San in the SLS AMG beside him. The rear-mounted engine in the Porsche gave SLIDE and UmlunguZA that lil extra added grip off the line. The first corner was a complete pile-up with RickyBobby ZA and R0B ZOMB13 spinning out. R1SSt11 locked up and collided with the rear of R0B ZOMB13, this started the chain reaction. AMEERLESCH91 saw an opening in the scramble and took the lead. SLIDE slotted into 2nd place with R1SSt11 behind him. The reduced visibility made overtaking and cornering hard with the spray from the cars.

Reiku San had lost a lot of ground from the first corner incident that sent him into the “kitty litter”, but he was determined to catch up to the drivers, getting all he can out the SLS AMG. DaviK979 and R0B ZOMB13 exchanged paint, getting DaviK’s McLaren out of shape. StingingBurger not able to avoid the McLaren due to the reduced visibility from the spray collided and the two cars went “farming”. SLIDESCIENCE went “rallying” after a nudge from RiSSt11, having him enter at the back of the pack. Team Mates L0NG JNR and B14ugzy kept a good peace going and avoided the incidents at all cost. UmlunguZA and SLIDESCIENCE of Team Apex Eaters go down the back straight side-by-side. WOES SA out-breaks RiSSt11 in the chicane and holds his position.

The wet track made for tough racing and saw a lot of spins and thrills from all the drivers as they battle in the wet and through the spray.

Race Results
#2 RickyBobby ZA
#3 RiSSt11

Fastest Lap

Too all the Drivers, Well done and great driving from all in Round 7. Time to pack up and head off to the final round at Hockenheimring.

“We are Racing”