Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at Daytona.

Warm weather conditions at Daytona with clear skies. The cars left the shade of the pits and headed out on the warm up lap in grid formation ahead of the rolling start.

Racing Heat

Drivers rounded the last corner and onto the straight in formation for the rolling start. New comer to the GT3 Cup, RickyBobby ZA, had polo position for the start with AMEERLESH91 by his side. First corner was quite a mess, as RiSSt11 locks up and driver into RickyBobby ZA, as this happens, ZAR JerseyRules and L0NG JNR collide, this causes the Bentley to spin out. The first corner incident split the grid into two packs of 4 to 5 cars battling it out.

SLIDESCIENCE lead the 2nd pack with HyPoXiA ZA chasing him down. L0NG JNR and team mate B14ugzy were at the back with lots of ground to make up. WOES SA loses control as he puts the power down, he clips L0NG JNR and this sends him “farming”. RiSSt11 lead the race with everyone hot on his heels. ZAR JerseyRules first to pit, but due to a damaged front aero. R1SSt11 locks up and goes off track, avoiding the barriers by controlling the car, this costs him the lead as RickyBobby ZA takes over as Lead Driver.

Time to Pit came, this really changed the race as driver’s swopped positions. The laps counted down one-by-one till the checkered flag dropped. What an exciting race day. Unfortunately WOES SA didn’t complete this round as his McLaren encountered engine failure.

Race Results
#2 RickyBobby ZA

Fastest Lap

Too all the Drivers, Well done and great driving from all in Round 6. Time to pack up and head off to Germany for Round 7 at Nurburgring.

“We are Racing”