Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at Mazda Laguna Seca.

Drivers setup and took to track for some practice before the race. Clear skies and warm conditions in California for Round 4. With the dreaded “Corkscrew” corner ahead, drivers took the cars out for the warmup lap as a Rolling Start will get the cars underway.

Racing Heat

Drivers rounded the last corner in formation for the rolling start. L0NG JNR in the Bentley leading the pack. B14ugzy stuck to L0NG JNR like glue heading to turn two, Andretti Hairpin. SLIDESCIENCE and team mate UmlunguZA sandwiched Reiku San down towards turn two. The 3 cars go side-by-side into turn two, Reiku brakes late and the two Porsche’s touch, throwing UmlunguZA off his line. RiSSt11 dives in on the inside of HyPoXiA ZA. B14ugzy gets out of shape through turn 3 and Reiku San sneaks past. Running wide through turn 4, B14ugzy lets SLIDESCIENCE make his move heading towards turn 5.

RiSST11 brakes late and almost takes out SLIDESCIENCE, he drops back and tucks in behind B14ugzy. UmlunguZA chasing down HyPoXiA ZA after losing time in turn 2. Through turn 10 Reiku San and SLIDESCIENCE exchange paint, sending Reiku San “drifting”. RiSST11 dives in on the inside of Reiku San, giving him a better run towards turn 3. HyPoXiA ZA gets a little out of shape onto the main straight, UmlunguZA capitalizes and passes. The dreaded “Corkscrew” catches its first victim, L0NG JNR, locking up and missing the apex sends him for some “Off-Roading”. Mid-Race L0NG JNR’s Bentley had engine failure, ending the intense battle for Pole Position between him and SLIDESCIENCE. The race only become more intense after the pit-stops as driver were pushing hard to gain position.

Race Results
#2 RiSSt11
#3 Reiku San

Fastest Lap

Too all the Drivers, Well done and great driving from all in Round 4. Time to pack up and head off to France for Le Mans Bugatti Circuit for Round 5.

“We are Racing”