Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at Road Atlanta.

Drivers setup and took to track for some practice before the race. Clear skies and warm conditions in Braselton, Georgia for Round 3. With points very close and drivers tied for 3rd and 5th, each driver would want to score the most in this round.

Racing Heat

Great track conditions awaited the drivers as they come around the final corner on their warm-up lap. Rolling start for the grid as HyPoXiA ZA leads. Fans on their feet focused on the start. ZAR JerseyRules at the back gets a little out of shape as he puts the foot down. HyPoXiA in the SLS keeps a lead into turn one with rookie CylieBoy in his new Bentley moving in on the inside. SLIDESCIENCE takes a wide line, but this helps him into turn 3 as he takes the lead. Another rookie to round 3 is TheSaint742757. Coming out turn 3 TheSaint and ZAR Jersey collide as ZAR Jersey has better corner exit speed, luckily both drivers make it onto track without any damage. UmlunguZA from Team Apex Easters misses his Apex, runs wide and hits the tyre wall, spinning him out of control. StingingBurger unable to avoid the Porsche, collides with the side of the Porsche and luckily manages to keep the SLS on track.

The final corner leading onto the back straight is a game changer, to slow and you exit slowly, too fast and you go off track. Positions were gained and lost here. TheSaint and UmlunguZA had lots of ground to make up after their spins and ZAR Jersey was making good ground on catching up. Reiku San and CylieBoy had a paint-exchanging battle going on as Reiku nearly clips the Bentley. StingingBurger runs wide after locking up the brakes, UmlunguZA capitalizes and take the pass by clipping the Apex just right. RiSSt11 had one objective, getting past SLIDESCIENCE whom had been keeping a steady lead, the McLaren of RiSSt11 was tuned in to the track, the pit crew did an amazing job on his car.

Pit Stops would be a decider her as the track was harsh on the tyres, to early and you run the risk of losing grip later. StingingBurger clips the wall on the final corner and spins out of control, the SLS missing the Bentley of CylieBoy by mear millimetres. HyPoXiA is not so lucky and clips the front end of the spinning SLS and spins out. UmlunguZA coming down the hill has a blind corner as does not see what is awaiting him around the corner, the stationary SLS of StingingBurger. 3 Cars spinout on the final corner. The race continued with great all out racing. Unfortunately TheSaint retired due to mechanical failure. Road Atlanta had left a mark on the cars and the cars on the track.

Race Results
#1 RiSSt11
#2 ZAR JerseyRules

Fastest Lap

Too all the Drivers, Well done and great driving from all in Round 3. Time to pack up and head off to California @ Mazda Laguna Seca for Round 4.

“We are Racing”