Good Day Race Fans

Welcome to another recap of the GT3 Cup Championship hosted at Circuit de Spa.

Weather had blown over and the forecast shows a cold and wet day of racing. Teams were ready to go in their wet setups. The “Free” practice for the day had come to an end. The cars entered the pits for a wipe down, fresh set of Wets and a full tank of race fuel before its back to track for some punishment.

Racing Heat

A new Rolling Start implemented into GT3 and drivers set off on a very wet Spa. L0NG JNR leads off the line, but B14ugzy with a great start take the lead heading into turn 1. DaviK979 puts his McLaren side-by-side to the Bentley of L0NG JNR, whilst SLIDESCIENCE put his nose in between the two. ZAR JerseyRules struggling for traction off the line. RiSSt11 takes an inside line, gaining him 5 positions into 3rd place. UmlunguZA and DaviK979 collide, sending both in a spin. Down towards Eau Rouge a massive 5 car pileup occurs as a tap between ZAR Jersey and HyPoXiA ZA causes StingingBurger to hit the wall, ZAR Jersey spins a full 180 and faces the oncoming cars. StingingBurger pitches into the patch of grass, this sends him into a roll down the track.

Complete carnage down to Eau Rouge, UmlunguZA barely making it through unharmed. Through Eau Rouge L0NG JNR gets slightly out of shape and with SLIDESCIENCE gets a great drive through and runs around L0NG JNR taking pole with RiSSt11 following closely. Les Combes had L0NG JNR right on the back of the Porsche driven by SLIDESCIENCE. RiSSt11 giving the McLaren all it has, trying to get as much traction as he can in these treacherous condition at Spa. B14ugzy now in 4th place had Reiku San, UmlunguZA and ZAR Jersey, all these drivers now pushing themselves and their cars to the ultimate limits t catch back up after the massive carnage.

The drivers were in an all-out battle for the top. SLIDESCIENCE leading up to his pit stop. L0NG JNR taking the lead now had ZAR Jersey and Reiku to worry about. Eau Rouge claimed a few drivers. The wet conditions also didn’t make things any easier. An amazing race came to an end and we now head to the podium for some champagne and the trophies.

Race Results
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#3 Reiku San

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRules

Too all the Drivers, Well done and great driving from all in Round 2. What a race in the wet. Time to pack up and head off to Road Atlanta for Round 3.

“We are Racing”