Good Day Race Fans

SARR is proud to announce the Start of the much anticipated GT3 Cup on Xbox One via Forza Motorsport 6.

A new Season of action packed racing is ahead of us in the 2016 GT3 Cup. The Drivers were all out on track in their stunning GT3’s, ready to race. Teams of two or Privateers entering the season. A wide variety of sporty GT3’s were ready to unleash the power on the tarmac.

Racing Heats

Race Grid set to Random and the GT3’s lined the Grid. HyPoXiA ZA with the lead into turn one, The 90, he runs a tad wide and this gives WOES SA a better run up the Esses. The first run into the Bus Stop sees RiSSt11 putting his 12C McLaren nose under the Porsche of UmlunguZA, this sends RiSSt11 out of control and thus ends up in ZAR JerseyRules colliding with him as he goes through The Bus Stop.

The out of control ZAR Jersey’ McLaren spins out and JakesLieb nearly collides with him as he passes by, but the shock trough’s him off line and into the tyre wall. UmlunguZA had himself hooked like a “venter trailer” to StingingBurger as they enter the final corner. SLIDESCIENCE slides it around onto the main straight, letting RiSSt11 get the run into “The 90”. The Bentley driven by B14ugzy were putting pressure on HyPoXiA ZA in the SLS AMG through the Esses. UmlunguZA clips the wall on the exit through the Esses and losses his side mirror.

A four car battle goes down the Nascan’t Chute. Umlungu gets the pass on StingingBurger as he runs wide and plots himself in-between the Porsche’s. SLIDESCIENCE takes the outside line through turn 10 to get past StingingBurger as RiSSt11 lines up for the overtake opportunity. B14ugzy take pole position from HyPoXiA after he gets out of shape on the Outer Loop. ZAR JerseyRules was out for blood, pushing the 12C to the limit to catch up after his spin, getting airborne at stages.

Pit Stop time and WOES SA is first in for fresh tyres and some liquid. RiSSt11 gets out of shape in The Bus Stop, luckily SLIDESCIENCE takes evasive action to avoid. UmlunguZA now had the McLaren of RiSSt11 breathing down on him. WOES SA still on cold tyres was struggling for traction, but once the heat came in, the car stuck to the tarmac again. ZAR Jersey had caught up to the front runners and was pushing every single Kilowatt of power out the 12C.

Racing was intense as the race neared its end with all driver wanting to give it their all and gain that much needed position.

Race Results
#1 ZAR JerseyRules
#2 B14ugzy
#3 HyPoXiA ZA

Fastest Lap
ZAR JerseyRules

Too all the Drivers, Well done and Great Driving from all in Round 1. What a start to the season of GT3 Cup. With the points on the board, the racing season has finally taken off. Now it’s off to Spa for Round 2.

“We are Racing”